Friday, January 22, 2010

Whew! That was a crazy year!

Well, since we have been too busy this past year for me to post to the blog much, here goes another try!

We provided over 4500 rides last year, and couldn't have done it without all our wonderful volunteers! We wouldn't have a program without you you are much appreciated! Be on the lookout for an invitation to our Valentines celebration soon!

I am amazed each day by how much we help the seniors in our neighborhoods...they are so appreciative and wouldn't be able to stay in their own homes without our help. We are looking forward to another great year, adding more new clients and new volunteers to serve them. In 2009, we added 105 new clients, but only 45 volunteers, so let's spread the news about what a great need we have and recruit your friends to volunteer as well!

Have a wonderful January!

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