Tuesday, January 6, 2009

2009 is here!

Wow! 2009 is here already! We are off and running this week with lots of ride requests, but lots of willing volunteers to help take those rides...

Our client numbers are growing so fast - we have added 5 new clients so far in January, so we need to keep our volunteer driver numbers up as well! If you have any friends or relatives that might have a little extra time even once a month, send them our way!

We gave our volunteers 2 weeks off at Christmas, hope everyone had a great holiday and New Year's Eve. We are ready for you to start driving again. In addition to being a driver, we have several special projects for someone who doesn't really have the time to drive...and some of these can be done at home on your own time. Give us a call if you are interested.

I'll have our final 2008 accomplishments posted soon...so stay tuned!

Your happy Director,
Carla :-)

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