Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What happened to October?

Wow! Time to take a deep breath! We are so blessed to have so many great volunteers (but we always need more) that have managed to get our very busy senior neighbors to all their appointments this past couple of months. We are grateful for the new volunteers that have come on board, and hope that everyone received their invitation to our next Volunteer Appreciation Coffee for November 10th. We mailed postcards and also emailed Evites, so if you didn't get either of those, please call us!

Yesterday, I got to talk to 100 6th graders at Cedar Park Middle School about the importance of volunteering and what they as kids can do to help our organization. It was fun to hear their suggestions of things they can do for our clients - they were very excited! This particular group has to do 3 hours of community service for their advanced language arts project (they are studying societies) and had several different non-profits come talk to them, so lets hope that some of them will pick Caregivers to give their time to!

I am working on a fall newsletter - hope to have that done in the next week - we'll have a newsletter folding party and I'll send out a notice about that - fun, fellowship, folding and breakfast tacos...volunteers needed!

Carla :-)

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